Paper Review and Publication Process

All presenters must submit the abstract based on This Template. All papers submitted to the conference will be reviewed by our international scientific committees, and accepted articles will be published in the online Proceedings of English Education International Conference . Submit your papers by following the procedure on the conference main page before the deadline. The author must use the Ms. Word template which can be download HERE

Selected papers will have the opportunities to publish in Scopus indexed journals and Sinta 2 accredited journals. Use the proceedings template for initial submission, and if your paper is selected to be published in one of the journals listed below, you will be required to change the layout of your paper to the target journal layout.

Scopus Indexed Journals

  1. TEFLIN Journal (Scopus Q3, SJR 2021: 0.155), published by Association for the teaching of English as a Foreign Language in Indonesia (TEFLIN)
  2. Indonesian Journal of Applied Linguistics (Scopus Q2, SJR 2021: 0.297), published by Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia (UPI)
  3. Studies in English Language and Education (Scopus Q1, SJR 2021: 0.272), published by Universitas Syiah Kuala (USK)
  4. IJOLE: International Journal of Language Education (Scopus Q1, SJR 2021: 0.183), published by Universitas Negeri Makassar (UNM)
  5. International Journal of Language Studies (Scopus Q1, SJR 2021: 0.237), published by Lulu Press Inc.

Sinta Accredited Journals

  1. Journal of English Language Teaching Innovations and Materials (Jeltim), published by Universitas Tanjungpura
  2. Al-Ta'lim Journal, published by UIN Imam Bonjol Padang
  3. Englisia: Journal of Language, Education, and Humanities, published by UIN Ar-Raniry
  4. Langkawi: Journal of The Association for Arabic and English, published by IAIN Kendari
  5. Journal of English Education and Teaching (JEET), published by Universitas Bengkulu
  6. Indonesian TESOL Journal, published by IAIN Palopo
  7. English Review: Journal of English Education, published by Universitas Kuningan

Review Process and Revisions

  1. Abstract submission
  2. Abstract acceptance
  3. Full paper submission
  4. Internal screening to choose selected papers
  5. External review for all full papers
  6. Announcement for selected paper
  7. Further process
    • Non selected papers
      1. Authors revised the article independently
      2. Revised version is resubmitted to the conference paper submission system
      3. Editor check the revised version and publish it in the proceedings is the revision is accepted
    • Selected papers
      1. Authors revised the article independently
      2. Revised version is resubmitted to the conference paper submission system
      3. Editor check the revised version and return it to the author to be submitted to the target journal
      4. Authors received review feedback from the target journal
      5. Editors of Studies in English and Education Journal supervise the revision process through an online workshop
      6. Revised version is resubmitted to the target journal
      7. The editors of the target journals check the revised version and make a decision
  8. Papers are published. Papers which are not accepted for publication in the target journal can be published in:
    • English Education Journal, a peer-reviewed journal managed by Postgraduate Program of English Education at Universitas Syiah Kuala
    • English Language Study and Teaching Journal, a peer-reviewed journal managed by English Education Department at University of Serambi Mekkah
    • Author's independent choice
Note: Authors publishing their selected articles in a journal should pay the APC (if applicable) charged by the journal before publication.